Number Twelve what a great deal this number is. There are so many fun facts about number 12. For instance, Twelve is a symbol of Cosmic Order – Twelve is the number of Space And Time – There are Twelve Months in a Year – Time is measured in two groups of 12 hours – There are 12 stars in the flag of the European Union – Twelve Days Of Christmas – #Twelve Apostles – Twelve Signs In The Zodiac – and the facts go on and on.

Is also after Twelve weeks when we start seeing real changes and results, when aiming for a Stronger and Healthier Body.

It takes 12 weeks for a habit to become real. Is in about 12 weeks when the world starts noticing our changes and progress.

I wish I could tell you different, but unfortunately even in this case, Twelve seems to be The Magic Number. We, as human beings, love a Quick Fix – a Magic Pill – A Shake that will make us lose weight. A Quick Detox that will make us Shed the Pounds… It doesn’t work that way.

It takes Dedication, planing, commitment, and discipline. It takes real nutrient dense meals, but even more important, it requires to develop a healthy relationship with our bodies and with the food we put in it. We need to find the trigger that pushes us to make a decision that will affect our being.

So next time you see a “Before and After” picture, use it as they are: Motivation! But keep in mind that is not about how many lbs a person have lost and how quickly it happened, instead aim for real changes that will keep that weight off for the years to come! That’s why “Diets Don’t Work”.

Love, Gaby

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