You were Mary Poppins when you went to bed, but you woke up feeling and acting like Amy from Gone Girl… What the hell happened?

During the week or so before our period, hormones and chemical substances in our brain get literally out of control.

Progesterone drops considerably and estrogen dominates (that is why we retain so much fluid, we get bloated and we feel achy).

The levels of testosterone increase (that’s why we feel that we could kill somebody) and serotonin (happy), endorphins (cheerleader) and GABA (chemical substance that calms us down) drop considerably as well! (Isn’t that pretty!?! NOT!)

Why do we feel we want to eat an elephant during those days? Well, our body burns between 100-300 extra calories per day the week before our period. Every time the body has to do something out of the “norm,” it uses more energy=Calories … That is the reason why we are more hungry: your body is looking to recover that “extra” calorie expense.

At the same time, the serotonin levels -the neuro transmitter of happiness and calmness- go to shit! … And what is the fastest way to increase the levels of serotonin? CARBS!!!! Sugar, chocolate, etc. that is why your body pushes you to consume these types of food during this phase.

What can you do? Be smart and use your manipulative skills to your own benefit … Listen, your body can crave and want whatever the heck it wants, but at the end is YOU who decides what to eat: Eat healthy!.. Take advantage of that “extra” calorie burn! That way at the end of your period you will look better!
Increment good fats (nuts, avocado)… Eat more lean protein and avoid carbs (each gr. of carbohydrate holds 4 gr. of fluids) … And why not!?! Consume 40gr. of dark chocolate a day!

During these days we can gain up to 6 lbs of JUST WATER! That is why it is crucial to avoid salt, deli meats and processed foods.

Workout! That is the best advice! You will elevate the levels of endorphins, will improve circulation and will fight back the fluid retention, not to mention that you will feel better and with more energy.

If we add up the calories you are already burning + the calories you will burn at the gym, you will be surprise with the results, since you might even lose more fat that you would expect.

Drink 2-3 Lt. Of water a day, work out and eat healthy and natural (plenty of vegetables – spinach, asparagus, cucumber, zucchini, etc) and walk away from salt! You will survive and won’t kill anyone,

Love, Amy (Gaby will be back in 4 days!)

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