Gaby’s Vodka Tea Recipe

I came up with this idea as an accident. I purchased this tin of Watermelon-Mint Black tea, with the idea of a warm afternoon, in my backyard, playing with my dogs and enjoying a refreshing iced tea… Well, I did (once) and it was delicious! But one day, I made the tea,  and it was a little too strong for my taste and decided to add some club soda and lemon to dilute it. And then…. Well, let’s say that the Russian Gods sent me a signal and I decided to add Vodka! HOLY MATRIUSKA!!!! It was amazing! And since then, every time I want to have an adult version of an afternoon tea, this is what I do:

– Tito’s Vodka (amount? Depends on how your day was!)

– Watermelon Mint Black Tea (The Republic Of Tea) – make sure you make a strong cup!

– Splash of Club Soda


– Stevia

– Ice

– Good Music

– A dog (or two) – optional-

It is a great summer drink and the caffeine in the black tea gives this cocktail a good kick!

Warning: it is so delicious and refreshing that you will want to make more than one… Or maybe two. Even three! Watch it! It could be dangerous!

Salud! Gaby



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