Most of all are super visuals ?. We are drawn to what catches our eyes?, wether is a pair of shoes?, a shiny car?, or the dish printed on a Chili’s menu?.

But what about our ears??? I haven’t been to the first #FancyRestaurant that has pictures on their menus. Instead, the super trained waiter/waitress ??‍???‍?translates simple words into the most orgasmic experience. We let all the words and tones, and expressions to take us away and “beg” for tonight’s special not caring about the price ? (the usually leave that little detail out).

But what if we practice the same at home? What if do it on a daily basis? ?… what if instead of telling our family or to ourselves that tonight’s dinner will be “The usual! You know? Fish and veggies”… and instead we say: “Tonight we are having GRILLED WILD CAUGHT SALMON ON A BED OF ORGANIC SEASONAL VEGGIES, LIGHTLY SAUTÉED WITH EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL” OR “For breakfast we are having fluffy scrambled organic eggs, on a multigrain toast, with a freshly brewed cup of Colombian Coffee”… at the end is the same old eggs ? with toast and coffee ☕️, but if (even as a game) we start “decorating” with words what we eat, I guarantee you it will take your meal to another level!

Food should gather all of our senses, so let’s don’t forget about the #Hearing sense and start incorporating it into our daily diet!

#BonAppetite #G.ONutritionForYou #FactTuesday #LetsManga

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