“I eat super healthy but I still don’t see the results I want. I haven’t lost the pounds I wanted to shed”. Does that sound familiar? We’ve given up sodas, we eat kale, and buy organic, and skip the chips, and we rather die before eating a candy or a piece of chocolate; and we still don’t see any changes in our bodies. Well, maybe some little changes, but not significant enough to make us run to the back of our closets and pull out those jeans that haven’t fit since we had our My Space account activated.

While changing poor habits and eating healthier food, is definitely an IMPERATIVE first step, most of the times we end up sabotaging ourselves. Why? because we are probably not eating “the right foods, the right amounts, and at the right times”.

There are some factors that need to be taking into consideration if we want to lose the F-word (FAT that is), lose weight, feel and look better.



The caloric needs of a person that exercises for 2 hours a day/6 times a week, can never be the same as someone’s who walks the dog in the morning, takes a Zumba class Tuesdays and Thursdays and does Yoga on Wednesdays. The number of calories will be obviously higher for the one that burns the most.


Another factor to consider is the BODY TYPES.  When we start eating strategically or eating for a goal, the distribution of proteins, carbs, and fats will depend on the body type.

The most common body types are:

Ectomorph: The typical skinny guy or gal. They usually have a very fast metabolism and find it hard to gain weight.

Mesomorph: They find it quite easy to gain and lose weight. This means they must watch their calorie intake.

Endomorph: They gain fat very easily, and are usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs. Muscles are strong, especially the upper legs.


While there are many hormones and factors involved in metabolism, male sex hormones generally favor muscle growth and fat loss, while female sex hormones generally favor fat maintenance (talking about equality here). The caloric intake, the use of those calories, and the way to burn them, differ from one gender to another one.

Eating strategically towards a goal, could seem overwhelming and make us lose our way. Not understanding our bodies, will put us on the train of disappointment and frustration. A nutritionist will guide you, and help you to get to know and understand your body’s needs. To connect with it! You can not unlearn what you already know. Once you get informed, you will be able to keep going on your own and  break free. Free from diets; free from the fear of not knowing what to eat, or how to order. And your relationship with food and with your body will change forever.



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