I just LOVE the look on the face on my family and friends when I tell them that we are having Risotto for dinner! “WHAT? Don’t you always tell us to avoid starchy carbs at night? Really Gaby? Risotto? Rice AND Cheese?”. They actually have never said that, but I am 100% sure that is what they think.

This recipe should be sponsored, or at least acknowledged by my dear friends from Trader Joe’s, since the entire list of ingredients comes from one of my favorite grocery stores… Here it is!

First ingredient: Pancetta!


Throw the pancetta on a pan and cook at medium heat


Tears Saver!


Add the onions to the pancetta


Cover, until they look transparent


You can’t have Risotto without mushrooms! I used Sliced Crimini


Add the mushrooms to the pan and lower the heat


Cover and cook, until they look like this


Now it is time for the Main Character! Riced Cauliflower


Add to the pan and cook at medium high heat


Season with oregano, pink salt, and black pepper


Chop some parsley


And add it to the mix (You can NOT go wrong with fresh herbs!)


Now… Here is the FUN part!


Add a handful to your risotto.. Believe me! It will be amazing!


Mix it all together


Serve and get ready for a standing ovation!


Disclaimer: These pictures were taking from my phone while I was actually making dinner.

(There is NO way a risotto will EVER look good, neither on pictures or on a plate)

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