Almond Flour Protein Pancakesimage

Pancakes for breakfast!?!?! On a weekday!?!? You might think I’m out of my mind or that I’m that type of person that wakes up two hours before everyone in my house, and set the table (flowers included) and with an apron on, I wait patiently for my kids and husband to sit at the table to enjoy a nutrient dense breakfast… Well, NO! I do NOT. My mornings are as hectic as any other house (yelling included), but I do love breakfast! And if is pancakes, even better!

This recipe takes seriously 10 minutes max to make. And bedsides delicious, is packed with protein and “good stuff”.

I have been using this brand for a while now, and what I love about it is that it only has 110 calories, 5 gr of GOOD FAT, and 14 gr of Protein. What makes it different from the other almond flours? They reduced the fat content in their almonds, and as a result you get a great tasting, high protein flour, ideal for baking, to add to smoothies or to use in any recipe.


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